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Welcome to TOD Concepts.
At TOD Concepts, we have a commitment to quality and a shared philosophy of developing strong personal relationships with our clients. TOD CONCEPTS is a registered company in Nigeria, built to attend to the events planning and management needs of talents and businesses.

TOD Concepts operates to promote live events, products and services to independent artistes, label partners and also to invest in the music management and development of a unique and diverse roster of Africa Entertainment with a strategic emphasis on digital brand exposure and monetization. TOD Concepts has adopted a business philosophy for long-term success, which entails revenue for reinvesting into scouting musicians for music management purpose in key marketplaces. We help Artistes to establish huge audiences and simply taking their music management and careers to the next level.

We are born out of the drive and passion for Africa and entertainment. It is our ultimate dream to bring the very best in Africa entertainment to Nigeria and the rest of the world. We do not only promote the very best in the African Entertainment industry but encourage those with potential to love a snapshot of what could be their dream. Nothing is too big or too small for us to handle.
We create processes that allows Entertainment activities captivate your experiences beyond the reach of your imagination.

Mission: We strengthen communities by creating special places where magical moments become treasured memories.

Vision: We are the social and entertainment hub of the communities we serve and We are globally regarded as the entertainment company who positively transform the communities to a more social environment.

Services TOD Concepts offer:
At TOD CONCEPTS , we handle all part of events management, talents management, events branding, ranging from strategizing and implementing to damage control and any other important element of running a successful business or talents.

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